Most athletes will roughly know their most squat, bench and deadlift. They’re the three ‘huge lifts’ which have lengthy shaped the spine of many energy and conditioning routines. It’s for this precise cause the game of powerlifting is among the many most revered within the realms of energy, velocity and energy. Even if you happen to don’t compete at it, you’ve gotten a deep-rooted and profound respect for these Herculean males who bend bars, defy gravity and raise ridiculous quantities of iron off the ground. However among the many lengthy listing of embellished champions and world data there’s one title that repeatedly pops up within the document books. That title is Andy Bolton.

Born on 22nd January 1970 in Dewsbury, Bolton himself is constructed like most issues in Yorkshire. Giant, sturdy and insanely robust. Sure, that is partly right down to genetics. You possibly can’t solely practice and eat your solution to a 1.8m, 160kg musclebound body. However what’s wonderful about Bolton is he’s an absolute scholar of energy. Ever modest he says, ‘I’ve been coaching since I used to be 18, over 20 years, and  throughout my profession I’ve at all times spent a variety of time studying. I’ve learn lots of of books and articles on energy coaching. I’ve been to dozens of seminars and labored with among the world’s finest energy coaches.’

Briefly, Bolton was gifted with uncooked energy however is equally the sum of over 20 years of analysis and methodology that shaped this limitless pursuit to be the strongest man ever to raise a barbell. So has he succeeded? Seven WPC World Champion titles, two WPO Champion titles and a spot cemented in historical past as the primary human to ever deadlift 1,000lb (453.6kg) strongly suggests so. It’s for all these causes I head to Leeds with a notepad in a single hand and a whey protein shake within the different for what would change into an absolute energy masterclass.

Power physics and physiology

Power on its most elementary stage may be outlined as a muscle’s (or group of muscular tissues’) means to supply power. Since Bolton’s considered one of solely 5 males to squat over 1,200lb (545kg) and considered one of solely 13 to deadlift over 900lb (410kg) in a powerlifting competitors, it’s cheap to say that he can generate a near-superhuman quantity of power.

Through the years Bolton has virtually change into a professor within the physiology and physics of energy and I rapidly be taught his success isn’t about what he lifts, however how he lifts. He begins by reciting Newton’s Legal guidelines of Movement then says, ‘Power is the same as mass (weight) and velocity (velocity). Sure, I can deadlift over 1,000lb. Sure, that’s a variety of power as a result of it’s a variety of weight. However one purpose of coaching for energy must be to generate the identical power with much less weight. To do that you need to raise with extra velocity.’

Soviet velocity secrets and techniques

Between units I observe Bolton’s approach and see that earlier than each raise, he has a routine. His kind is flawless and follows a definite sample every time. Approaching the bar, he crops his toes, grips the bar after which – simply earlier than lifting – performs three hamstring stretches after which on the third stretch he begins to raise. Why? To reply this you first want to grasp a quick again story from the times of Soviet Union sporting supremacy and the teachings of the pioneering energy coach Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky. 

Verkhoshansky would have athletes drop off a field, land on the ground absorbing the shock, then immediately soar as excessive as they probably may. Later labelled Shock Coaching in reference to the physique’s means to soak up the influence, it was believed one short-term adaptation to the ‘depth soar’ was a better vertical soar in comparison with a static soar. Analysis would later reveal this was as a result of Verkhoshansky was capable of ‘play’ with the elasticity of the muscular tissues and tendons by positively manipulating the physique’s stretch-shortening cycle.

The stretch-shortening cycle is basically the place the muscular tissues contract eccentrically (the muscular tissues lengthen), which is adopted by a direct concentric contraction (the muscular tissues shorten). Based mostly on analysis from the College of Kinesiology on the College of Zagreb, Croatia, this has been proven to enhance the concentric section leading to elevated power manufacturing and output. This explains why throughout a depth soar athletes have been capable of soar greater. They successfully used the elastic power built-up in the course of the eccentric section (when touchdown) to then use in the course of the concentric section (the soar itself).

Quick-forward to the current day in a small fitness center in Leeds, and Bolton continues to make use of Verkhoshansky’s rules. Utilizing these three hamstring stretches earlier than lifting to assist manipulate the stretch-shortening cycle to generate extra power. As I stated earlier than, what Bolton demonstrates is thatit’s not what you raise, however the way you raise it.

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