Individuals usually suppose that rugby – whether or not it’s union, league or sevens – is harmful. Physiotherapist Nell Mead provides ideas to assist forestall widespread rugby accidents. She served within the Military for 14 years, together with seven seasons working with forces rugby groups. She now runs Victory Well being and Efficiency in London.

‘There have been some horrific and well-publicised circumstances, however in actuality the danger of catastrophic damage is decrease than while you cross the street or journey in a automotive,’ says Mead. Stats present the most typical accidents in coaching are far much less critical – and there are easy steps you’ll be able to take to cut back the danger.

Muscle pressure

‘The hamstrings and the gastrocnemius muscle groups of the calves each cowl two joints, making them doubly weak to strains and tears in touch and non-contact performs.’

Stop it

‘Glute bridges and eccentric calf raises will maintain your muscle groups versatile and robust. For the bridges, contract your glutes as you elevate and decrease for 3 units of 20 reps. For the calf raises, stand on a step on the balls of each toes. Push up, then take one foot away and slowly decrease your different heel so far as you’ll be able to. Repeat on the opposite foot, constructing to a few units of 15 reps on every leg.’

Shoulder harm

‘Most individuals who’ve performed rugby constantly may have suffered some type of shoulder trauma, from infected ligaments to dislocations, particularly when tackling opponents.’

Stop it

‘I exploit Torq-Kings – much like abs wheels for every hand, however dumbbells additionally work – for shoulder energy and management. Begin in a press-up place in your knees and, protecting your arms fully straight, roll every hand out at a 45° angle so far as you’ll be able to beneath management, then reverse. Goal for 3 units of ten reps, working to take your knees off the ground and to vary the angle to 90°.’

Harm proof your shoulder

Lumbar backbone damage

‘Tackles, arduous landings and scrums can all compress the backbone’s discs briefly. Except you stretch and decompress your backbone afterwards, the harm can construct up and go away you with long-term disc issues and ache.’

Stop it

‘You possibly can decompress your backbone and improve the move of fluid across the discs by utilizing a yoga brick. Alternate mendacity in your again and rocking your knees in direction of your chest for 30 seconds, with putting the yoga brick beneath your pelvis and draping your self over it for 30 seconds, enjoyable as a lot as doable. Do that 3 times earlier than mattress.’

Stop lumbar backbone accidents

Ankle sprain

‘Ligaments include proprioceptors – nerve cells that inform your mind the place every a part of your physique is – and the extra acutely tuned these proprioceptors are, the sooner you’ll react to being off-balance and cut back the danger of sprains.’

Stop it

‘Enhance your proprioception with a wobble cushion – a round cushion stuffed with air. Goal to face on it for 60 seconds along with your eyes open. Subsequent, go for 30 seconds along with your eyes closed. When that turns into straightforward, do it on one leg.’

Enhance ankle mobility

One-kit Repair

66Match Therapeutic massage Ball


‘Transportable and low-cost, the therapeutic massage ball is the unsung hero of the restoration world,’ says Mead. ‘Most accidents happen when muscle groups are tight quite than weak. Put the ball on the ground beneath you, let it dig into any tender and tight muscle, put as a lot weight on it as you’ll be able to handle, then calm down and let it sink into the tight muscle till you are feeling it calm down.’