Protein has by no means been extra standard. It’s so standard each meals producer’s cramming the stuff into their grub. Must you so need, you can begin your day with a bowl of Weetabix Protein, dine on high-protein bread or pasta, and snack on a protein-packed Bounty bar in between, washing all of it down with protein-enriched water.

The rationale for this reputation is protein’s important function in constructing muscle. While you work out you trigger small, microscopic tears in your muscle tissue so that you want protein – which is made up of amino acids, also referred to as the constructing blocks of muscle – to restore this injury and rebuild your muscle tissue larger and stronger.

Even for those who’re not figuring out usually, protein is an important nutrient for constructing and sustaining physique tissues, and the NHS recommends that males eat 55.5g a day. If you’re very energetic you’ll want to enhance that considerably, even for those who give attention to endurance sports activities fairly than power coaching. Endurance athletes ought to look to eat 1.2-1.4g per kg of body weight day-after-day, whereas power athletes ought to purpose for 1.2-1.7g per kg of body weight day by day.

Earlier than turning to dietary supplements or protein-enriched meals to fulfill your protein quota, take a spin by our record of high-protein meals – there’s an excellent probability you may get greater than sufficient protein by your weight loss program. We’ve began with a whole record ranked by their protein content material per 100g, then damaged up the record into meals teams – meat, seafood, meat replacements, eggs and dairy, and nuts, seeds and legumes. Have at it.

31 Excessive-Protein Meals Ranked By Protein Content material Per 100g

  1. Beef jerky 30-40g
  2. Parmesan 32g
  3. Tuna steak 32g
  4. Pumpkin seeds 30g
  5. Turkey 30g
  6. Peanuts 25-28g
  7. Edam 27g
  8. Canned tuna 25g
  9. Cheddar 25g
  10. Seitan 25g
  11. Beef 20-24g
  12. Rooster 24g
  13. Salmon 24g
  14. Stilton 24g
  15. Almonds 21g
  16. Sardines 21g
  17. Cod 20g
  18. Lamb 20g
  19. Mackerel 20g
  20. Pistachios 20g
  21. Pork loin 17-20g
  22. Tempeh 20g
  23. Cashew nuts 18g
  24. Mozzarella 18g
  25. Mussels 18g
  26. Chia seeds 17g
  27. Walnuts 15-17g
  28. Prawns 15-18g
  29. Quorn mince 14.5g
  30. Brazil nuts 14g
  31. Edamame beans 13g
  32. Eggs 13g
  33. Tofu 12g
  34. Cottage cheese 10g
  35. Greek yogurt 10g
  36. Oats 10g
  37. Lentils 7-9g
  38. Kidney beans 8g
  39. Chickpeas 7g
  40. Peas 6g
  41. Quinoa (cooked) 5g


Beef jerky

Protein content material: 30-40g

Maintain a few of these dried, cured items of lean beef in your health club bag for a meaty hit of protein that doesn’t require firing up the grill. Totally different manufacturers have completely different ranges of protein – and ensure you test the label for added sugar and the salt content material, as a result of each could be alarmingly excessive.


Protein content material: 30g

A turkey supper shouldn’t simply be for Christmas: the festive chook accommodates extra protein per gram than most different meats together with its biggest feathered rival – hen.


Protein content material: 24g

The basic lean protein supply. Rooster accommodates huge quantities of protein whereas being very low in fats, particularly for those who go for skinless breasts.


Protein content material: 20-24g

Totally different cuts have completely different ranges of protein however you’ll be able to depend on beef to herald loads of muscle gasoline in no matter kind you are taking it. Go for leaner cuts to keep away from consuming an excessive amount of saturated fats.


Protein content material: 20g

These candy little lambs you see frolicking within the fields each spring? They’re additionally wonderful sources of protein. That’s how Mary bought so hench.

Pork loin

Protein content material: 17-20g

Pork is available in all method of wonderful varieties, however for those who’re consuming it to extend your protein consumption follow the stuff on the more healthy finish of the size, which is pork loin, not pigs in blankets (round 15g of protein per 100g, for those who’re questioning).


Tuna steak

Protein content material: 32g

The “hen of the ocean” is wealthy in omega three fatty acids, amongst different helpful vitamins, in addition to protein. It’s much more meaty and flavoursome than the canned model (with a value to match).

Canned tuna

Protein content material: 25g

A cabinet well-stocked with tuna canned in spring water will see you thru all method of hardships. It’s full of protein and nearly fat-free.


Protein content material: 24g

In addition to loads of protein, the pink flesh of salmon accommodates a great deal of omega three fatty acids that make it nice for a variety of issues from eye well being to lowering the chance of coronary heart illness.


Protein content material: 21g

This fish is remarkably low cost for those who purchase the canned type and it accommodates omega three fat as properly final protein. Make sardines your new favorite toast topping.


Protein content material: 20g

This fish is low in fats, however stuffed with flavour. Naturally we’d advise avoiding battered variations as a result of further fats they comprise.


Protein content material: 20g

Each the fillet and canned variations of this oily fish are nice picks for a fast and engaging protein hit. Strive to not pair them with chips, although, otherwise you’ll blow your day by day salt consumption out of the water.


Protein content material: 18g

Mussels – a famously standard foodstuff in Belgium. Belgium – dwelling of “The Muscular tissues From Brussels”, Jean-Claude van Damme. Coincidence? At 18g of protein per 100g of mussel meat, we expect not.


Protein content material: 15-18g

Fast to organize and straightforward to suit into quite a lot of recipes, prawns are a worthy addition to each purchasing record, whether or not you go for the best contemporary king prawns or a hefty sack of frozen small ones.

Meat Replacements


Protein content material: 25g

This meat various is produced from wheat gluten, which provides it a texture that’s satisfyingly chewy, in contrast to softer soy merchandise like tempeh and tofu. It’s additionally full of protein, though quantities differ fairly dramatically within the seitan meals and snacks you’ll discover on store cabinets, so make certain to test every label for a definitive protein rely.


Protein content material: 20g

Tofu shouldn’t be the one soy product on the town and tempeh really outdoes its extra well-known cousin by way of its protein and fibre content material.

Quorn mince

Protein content material: 14.5g

You may’t speak meat-free with out mentioning Quorn. In addition to containing a strong portion of protein, this mince various is excessive in fibre and low in fats.


Protein content material: 12g

Certain, we trash-talked tofu when bigging up tempeh, however it’s additionally an excellent supply of protein. Tofu can also be much more extensively accessible than tempeh.

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Eggs And Dairy


Protein content material: 32g

No-one’s saying that consuming 100g of parmesan in a single sitting is a great thought, however for those who did the protein content material could be a giant upside.


Protein content material: 27g

Take a tip from the Dutch subsequent time you hit the cheese counter for a tasty deal with that’s excessive in protein. Simply ensure you additionally embrace the Dutch love of biking too, so you’re employed off the excessive quantities of saturated fats.


Protein content material: 25g

Britain’s favorite cheese brings loads of protein to the desk. That features the lower-fat variations, for those who’re attempting to maintain your saturated fats consumption down.


Protein content material: 24g

Don’t be shy of the cheeseboard, that’s what we’re studying right here. Simply behind the mighty cheddar comes stilton, which accommodates a stiltload of protein at 24g per 100g. All the same old qualms about cheese stay – a lot of saturated fats and salt being the largest issues – however we’re undecided there’s a tastier technique to up your protein consumption than a slice of blue.


Protein content material: 18g

A technique to have a look at that is to shriek with pleasure and assume that pizza is now on the protein-packed menu. One other method, and let’s be trustworthy a greater method, is to slice some mozzarella onto a salad wealthy with greens to up its protein tally.


Protein content material: 13g

One of many best methods to up your protein consumption at breakfast time, a few medium eggs will simply internet you over 10g of the stuff.

Cottage cheese

Protein content material: 10g

You may get variations of cottage cheese with added protein these days, however even the usual stuff accommodates an excellent portion. In contrast with different cheese it’s additionally comparatively low in fats and salt.

Greek yogurt

Protein content material: 10g

In addition to protein, Greek (not Greek fashion) yogurt is packed stuffed with wholesome micro organism and enzymes that may do wonders on your digestive well being.

Nuts, Seeds, Legumes And Grains

Pumpkin Seeds

Protein content material: 30g

Ever questioned why pumpkins look so swole? It’s as a result of they’re stuffed with pumpkin seeds and you ought to be too, as a result of together with their spectacular protein content material, pumpkin seeds supply different dietary riches within the form of magnificent magnesium and zincy zinc.


Protein content material: 25-28g

The underground legume is a superb supply of protein, and for those who avoid the roasted and salted varieties, it’s a reasonably wholesome snack. In peanut butter kind you’ll get round 4g of protein per tablespoon.


Protein content material: 21g

Together with their excessive protein content material, almonds are additionally excessive in fibre and a terrific supply of vitamin E, which is required to take care of wholesome pores and skin and eyes.


Protein content material: 20g

Discover a good friend as a result of it is a prime fist-bump alternative. Maybe the tastiest nuts of all are plump with protein. Certain, they’re additionally fairly fatty and for those who go for the roasted and salted variations, salty as heck, however nonetheless, pistachios are on the record.

Cashew nuts

Protein content material: 18g

Any open packet of blended nuts is rapidly picked clear of all of the cashews. Is that as a result of they’re the tastiest of nuts or as a result of they’re excessive in protein? It’s most likely the style factor, however they’re protein-rich too.

Chia seeds

Protein content material: 17g

Probably the most in-vogue seed round is chock-full of fibre and protein, and many of the fats it accommodates is of the “good” unsaturated selection.


Protein content material: 15-17g

Together with a strong quantity of protein, walnuts are an excellent supply of omega three fatty acids, and so they appear to be little brains. Which is a profit in our e book.

Brazil nuts

Protein content material: 14g

Enjoyable reality: brazil nut bushes can develop to 50m in top and reside for as much as 1,000 years. They are often so tall that when the fruit ripens and drops it reaches speeds of as much as 80km/h on the the way in which to the bottom. Nonetheless occupied with protein? The nuts comprise protein.

Edamame beans

Protein content material: 13g

These tasty beans could be purchased frozen to eat at your comfort and add a shot of fibre, nutritional vitamins and minerals to your weight loss program alongside the protein. When you discover them a tad bland attempt livening them up with contemporary lemon juice, smoked paprika and a pinch of salt.


Protein content material: 10g

You may get souped-up variations of oats which have much more protein crammed into them, however the bog-standard grocery store own-brand variations aren’t gentle on the stuff. No breakfast is full with out them.


Protein content material: 7-9g

No matter your favorite kind of lentil is, you could be positive it’s including some further protein to your plate. Use them to thicken meaty stews and bulk up salads.


Protein content material: 7g

One of many earliest cultivated legumes – courting again 7,500 years within the Center East – chickpeas are significantly wealthy in folate, a B vitamin that helps to assist and preserve a wholesome nervous system. Mix with lemon, contemporary garlic and tahini for a simple and scrumptious selfmade hummus.

Kidney beans

Protein content material: 8g

A 120g serving (half a daily can) offers a powerful 7.4g of fibre, which performs a key function in wholesome digestive operate, in addition to 8.3g of protein. Don’t confine these tasty beans to chilli con carne – they’re nice in curries, stews and salads too.


Protein content material: 6g

It could appear essentially the most primary, bland, at-least-the-children’ll-eat-them legume there may be, however just a few spoonfuls of peas provides a helpful quantity of protein to your plate.


Protein content material: 5g (cooked)

Quinoa’s protein stats look extra spectacular while you have a look at its raw numbers, however at 5g for 100g – not a mad quantity of quinoa, in contrast with chomping down 100g of parmesan for instance – it’s a great way to get some further protein in your plate, particularly for those who’re not a meat-eater.